There are many reasons why your organization should consider a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone solution. Traditional phone lines require drilling for wall jacks, dedicated wiring closets, and rigid floor plans. VoIP is different as it’s easy and flexible.

VoIP benefits:

  • Easy to maintain: You do not need a technician to move a location or change a user.
  • As your organization grows, it is easy to add new users. There is no wait time for the phone company to come out and install new lines.
  • All the usual telephone system features are supported such as welcome messages, hold music, search for extensions, etc.
  • Forward calls to field staff: It is simple to forward incoming calls to field staff’s cell phones.
  • CRM connections: Many CRM tools will support inbound call ID record lookup which improves your sales and allows support teams to know who they are talking to.
  • Faxing: You can still receive and send faxes just as before.
  • Saves money

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