We compared the plans and pricing for DIRECTV, VERIZON FIOS and COMCAST XFINITY and here are the

results.  First, we took the highest packages offered and this was the best comparison of similar features.  All plans had all of the premium channels, ie, HBO, Cinemax, Starz, etc. in addition to all of the standard channels.  Despite one provider claiming more HD, or more total channels, essentially, these were comparable plans.


Comcast:  highest cost of all three. Our phone survey concluded that the price will be $142.85 on a 24 month plan, averaged.

Verizon FIOS:  middle of the field:  $125.96 averaged over 24 months.

DIRECTV:  lowest:  $121.49 average for 24 months.


If you are not a sports fan, the free NFL Sunday ticket with DIRECTV may not appeal to you.  However, this was an added feature worth mentioning.


Customer Service

In our informal survey, we found Comcast and Verizon to be confused when speaking to them.  Because they offer multiple services, they constantly want you to bundle.  With that in mind, just getting in touch with the "right person" is a task.  Then the knowledge of the rep was suspect at best.

We literally had to call Comcast 3 times to get through.  Then the representative was just not familiar with the product. (Note, we were calling only about TV).

When we called Verizon, it took 2 calls to wade through the plans to get the correct pricing.

The DIRECTV representative was by far the better of the three to speak to.

We did not try to contact their Support as this was an informal survey.


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